Bomb Calorimeter


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Bomb Calorimeter, TBCF, comprises the calorimeter, a calorimeter vessel, an outer double walled water jacket, control unit to switch on/

off the stirrer and the ignition device, a Beckman type thermometer, a magnifying glass, and charging unit with pressure gauges to facilitate

the charging of the calorimeter with oxygen.

The calorimeter vessel and outer jacket wall are manufactured in stainless steel.

The bomb calorimeter is a container made of stainless steel that can support high pressures. It is sealed by a screw top. The bomb is

charged with gas (oxygen) through the filling valve. This bomb is introduced inside a calorimeter vessel made of stainless steel that is filled

with water, and at the same time it is introduced inside a double walled water jacket.

The rod of the calorimeter supports a metallic crucible. The bomb calorimeter, which contains the fuel sample to be burned, is hermetic to

the gas by closing the filling valve and its cover. Combustion is started through a thin wire that is red hot-heated up momentarily due to the

passing of an electrical current that flows through an isolated terminal and the rod, which is electrically connected to the cover.

The water in the calorimeter vessel is agitated automatically with a stirrer driven by a small motor. The top of the double walled jacket is

closed with a cover that has some orifices. A Beckman thermometer to measure the temperature of the calorimeter vessel passes through

one of these orifices. Other orifices are used to fasten the jacket to the cover. Also, one of these holes is used to insert the wire that supplies

the electric current to the rod.

The unit includes a control unit that switches on/off the stirrer and the ignition device through the heating up of the thin wire, a load unit with

pressure gauges to make the filling with oxygen of the calorimeter easier and a magnifying glass to magnify the Beckmans thermometer

reading accuracy.:

Bench-top unit.

Anodized aluminum frame and panels made of painted steel.

Main metallic elements made of stainless steel.

Diagram in the front panel with distribution of the elements similar to the real one.

Calorimeter for testing calorific value of fuels, including:

 Calorimeter bomb in stainless steel. Working pressure: 30 atm.

 Calorimeter vessel:

 Made in stainless steel.

 Maximum volume: 4 l.

 Double walled outer jacket in stainless steel, with water inlet and outlet.

 Electric stirrer with one rod and two blades (330 r.p.m.).

 Control unit to switch on/off the stirrer and the ignition device.

 Beckman thermometer, range: 6 °C.

 Magnifying glass.

 Charging unit with pressure gauges.

 Nickel crucible.

 Reel of Nickel-Chrome wire.

Cables and accessories, for normal operation.

Manuals: This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance

& Practices Manuals.


1.- Beckman thermometer adjustment.

2.- Obtaining the calorific value of fuel.

3.- Performing experiments to measure heats of combustion.

4.- Calculating the heats of combustion from experimental results.

5.- Calculating internal energies of combustion from bomb

calorimeter experiments.

6.- Calculating enthalpies of combustion from bomb calorimeter