EI-V150180DV Dual View X-ray Security detection Equipment

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Categories: X-Ray
Section:Pallet & Cargo Inspection
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Eastimage is a worlds leading security equipment supplier headquartered in Shanghai, using the high cost-effective security products and the professional security solutions as our significant characteristics to stand out from the industry.

EI-V150180DV is a practical large tunnel x-ray security equipment with dual view which is ideally suitable for large size luggage inspection like oversized checked baggage, bulky objects and so on.

EI-V150180DV can display horizontal and vertical images by two independent generators, therefore operators can identify overlapping objects and detect out dangerous, illegal objects, contraband easily and precisely.

  • Tunnel Size:1550 mm(W)× 1810 mm(H)
  • Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s
  • Conveyor Height:400mm
  • Max. Load:2000 kg(Evenly distributed)
  • Image resolution:22’’LCD 1680×1050(Double Display)



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