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Public Entertainment Places; Public Security System; Government Office; Conference Center; Tourist Places; Border Crossing etc.

General Specifications


Tunnel Size:505 mm(W)×304 mm(H)

Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s

Conveyor Height:700 mm

Max. Load:100 kg(Evenly distributed)

System Noise:<60dB(A)

Image Resolution:19'LCD 1440×900


X-Ray Generator


Multi-energy L photoelectric diode array detector

Optional Features


High Density Area Alarm, Black Box, TIP Threat Image Projection, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key To Shutdown, Environment Protection and Energy Saving. 

Main Features


 World’s leading pure digital, large scale analog components results in high-speed parallel data acquisition


 Small tunnel design, coupled with the operator authorization control, real time status information, statistical reports and multiple user-friendly configurations


 Advanced image processing platform, providing strong functionality to the operator


 Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices


 Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the Chinese national standard GB15208-2005