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Section:Pallet & Cargo Inspection
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General Specifications


Tunnel Size:1550 mm(W)× 1815 mm(H)

Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s

Conveyor Height:352mm

Max. Load:2000 kg(Evenly distributed)

Image resolution:22’’LCD 1680×1050


Optional Features


High Density Area Alarm, TIP Threat Image Projection, X-Auto Sight ContrabandAuxiliary Recognition System, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key to Shutdown, Environment Protection and Energy Saving. 

EI-V150180 Multi-energy X-ray Security detection Equipment has the biggest tunnel dimension, which is able to deal with high throughput Security detection for railway, airport, customs, port warehouses, carriers, forwarders etc.


Technology features

Shiny clear images; High-resolution

Multi-energy penetration system

Multi-functions image processing system

EI-TIP(Threat Image Projection) function

Any selection of the image magnified area

Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data

Removable structure with independent console

Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

Big tunnel design with multi-function operator interface

Portable separate structural design, equipped with independent operator’s desk