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Section:Industrial Detection
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General Specifications


Tunnel Size:505 mm(W)×305 mm(H)

Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s or 0.3m/s

Surface Dimension:1455 mm(L)×800 mm(W)×1213mm(H)


Power consumption:About 0.37(KVA)

Product Instruction


Eastimage is a world’s leading security equipment supplier headquartered in Shanghai, using the high cost-effective security products and the professional security solutions as our significant characteristics to stand out from the industry.

EI-G600 was specially designed and produced for the manufactures such as Shoes & hats factory, garment factory, leather factory and so on.

EI-G600 can set up the accounts and the administrative permissions base on the customers’ needs. Its high conveyor speed (0.3m/s) and unique image scrolling displays technique allows the operators to have a complete understanding about the products and rule out the defective products quickly and precisely.


Main Features


- The uniformity of overall image is outstanding, can avoid edge distortion and uneven gray

- Longer items can be scanned in one time, without the missing signal on the image

- High presision X-ray detector, data collection was stable and reliable

- International leading image processing technology

- Images clearly, bright and strong sense of hierarchy, all objects were inspected perspective, without any blind spots

- Can support the network system and remote operation control, excellent scalability and easy maintenance

- X-ray leakage had achieved the worlds highest safety standard

- Small tunnel design with multi_functions operation interface