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Section:Liquid Inspection
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Dimension:1050(L) X 720(W) X 1205(H)mm


Tunnel Dimension:150mm(D) X 250mm(H)

Operation Temperature / humidity:0℃~45℃ / 20%~95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature / Humidity:-40℃~60℃ / 20%~95% (non-condensing)

Power Supply:220V AC+10%~ -15%, 110V is acceptable under special requirements

Power Consumption: 0.5KAV

Main Features


- Advanced CT technology apply in liquid check, attain the liquid property via computed tomography scan

- Auto-alarm system can detect packing liquid with their dangerous levels in safe, suspect and danger

- Video image and CT image of detected object for analyzing and tracing

- Ensure different kinds of packing material to be scanned

- High speed detecting, maximum 20sec per liquid object

- Power on/ running self-diagnostics function

- Comply with liquid scanner requirements in DB11/646.6-2009

- Wheel with lock, for easy moving and fixing

- Analysis reports

- Brand new radiation defense technology ,stricter than international radiation safety standard

- For railway station, government, customs, massive activity and other places where liquid inspection is necessary