Inverter Mitsubishi | FR-A201 SERIES


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Features :

The inverter and power regeneration converter was combined making it more compact. Installation space: 60 to 80% when compared with past arrangement

100% continuous regeneration is possible and the braking ability has been greatly improved. 

The most suitable operation functions for lift appliactions such as stop-on-contact control, auto-tuning function etc. have been equipped as standards.

Reduction in total cost can be achieved when compared with past sytem (inverter + regenerative converter + AC reactor).

Specifications :


Control method : V/F control and magnetic flux vector control

Output frequency range : 0.2 to 400Hz

Torque boost : Manual torque boost setting of 0 to 30% as well as automatic torque boost

Regenerative barking torque : 100% continuous regeneration

Frequency setting signal  :  

- 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC

- 0+/-5VDC, 0+/-10VDC

- 4 to 20mA DC