F7900N Desktop Dispensing Robot


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Model F7900N is a compact desktop robot with a working area 7.87" x 7.87" (200mm x 200mm) and featuring all the programming functions and memory capacity of the larger automated dispensing F7000N industrial robots. The F7900N dispensing robot is an ideal choice when cost and bench space are important considerations. The dispensing robot can accept dispensing valves and syringes with tooling loads of 3Kg and 1Kg.



    • Dispensing area of 7.87" x 7.87" (200mm x 200mm)

    • Resolution of 0.02mm for precise dispensing

    • No computer skills required

    • 100 programs and 4,000 points per program

    • Continuous path motion for accurate XYZ dispensing

    • USB port allows for data transfer between robot and PC

    • Interpolates lines or arcs for three-dimensional dispensing

    • Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming