FCE. Set for Electrical Fields application:


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We offer some Sets of components for doing the main exercises and practices, but THE UNIT IS OPEN to use many other elements that can be chosen by the teacher.

This application can be done by using just the following:

-Common items for all applications:

1) FUB. Base structure and Robot.

2) EFAC/CIB. Control Interface Box.

3) DAB. Data Acquisition Board.


Set for this particular application, including these items:

a) Sensor:

Sensor of Electric Field. It is a probe capable of measuring the potential created by any distribution of loads. It

consists on a conductor wire that measures the reference and the point where it is located.

b) Elements:

A nickel-plated conductor sphere with diameter of 100 mm.

Conductor coil sheets of 280 x 240 mm (2 units).

Conductor coil sheets of 100 x 280 mm (2 units).

A nickel-plated sphere with insulating rod.

Several conductor plates.


Red conductor cable with banana crocodile.

Black conductor cable with banana crocodile.

Black cables (2 units) with bananas at the ends.

Red cables (2 units) with bananas at the ends.

The teacher can use any element that creates ELECTRICAL FIELDS, so the UNIT IS OPEN and can do


c) Computer Control Software:

Computer Control+Data Acquisition+Data Management Software for Electrical Fields application.

Compatible with actual Windows operating systems. Graphic and intuitive simulation of the process in screen.

Compatible with the industry standards.

Registration and visualization of all process variables in an automatic and simultaneously way.

Flexible and open software, developed with actual windows graphic systems, acting simultaneously on all process


Management, processing, comparison and storage of data.

Sampling velocity up to 250,000 data per second.

Student calibration system for all sensors involved in the process.

It allows the registration of the alarms state and the graphic representation in real time. Comparative analysis

of the obtained data, after the process and modification of the conditions during the process.

Open software, allowing to the teacher to modify texts, instructions. Teacher’s and student’s passwords to facilitate

the teacher’s control on the student, and allowing the access at different work levels.

This unit allows that the 30 students of the classroom can visualize simultaneously all results and

manipulation of the unit, during the process, by using a projector.