Semiconductors I


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Semiconductors I 

 Circuit blocks:

 Diode. (Circuit#1).

 Signal filtration. (Circuit#2).

 Diodes bridge. (Circuit#3).

 Zener diode. (Circuit#4).

 BJT transistor. (Circuit#5).

 NPN and PNP as switch. (Circuit#6).

 NPN amplification. (Circuit#7).

 PNP amplification. (Circuit#8).




Dimensions: 300 x 210 x 45 mm. approx.

(11.81 x 8.26 x 1.77 inches approx.).

Weight: 300 gr. approx.

(0.66 pounds approx.)

Characteristics of the PN junction:

 1.- Study of the diode.

 2.- Fault Study in diodes.

 3.- Exercises.

The diode as a rectifier element:

 4.- Half wave rectifier.

 5.- Study of faults in Rectifier circuit.

 6.- Bridge rectifier.

 7.- Study of faults in bridge rectifier.

 8.- Exercises.

The Zener diode:

 9.- Voltage regulator with a Zener diode.

 10.- Study of faults in Zener circuit.

 11.- Exercises.

Study and characteristics of the transistor:

 12.- Study of the transistor.

 13.- Study of the fault in the transistor.

 14.- Exercises.

Transistor characteristics operating as a switch:

 15.- Study of the transistor.

 16.- Exercises.

Common emitter amplifier:

 17.- Study of the common emitter NPN amplifier.

 18.- Fault Study in Amplifier circuit.

 19.- Study of the common emitter PNP amplifier.

 20.- Exercises.

Additional Possibilities:

 Voltage Doubler.

 Power Supply filtering.