Flow Meter Demonstration


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The module consists of a Venturi meter, a flowmeter and an orifice

plate, installed in a series configuration to permit a direct comparison.

Several pressure taps are connected to a panel of eight tubes.

The flow control valve allows the variation of the flow rate through the

circuit, and its adjustment, along with the bench control valve, allows

for varying the system static pressure.

The pressure taps of the circuit are connected to an eight-bank

manometer, which incorporates an air inlet valve at the top manifold

which facilitates the connection to the hand pump.

This enables to adjust the levels in the manometer bank to a

convenient level to suit the system static pressure.


Manometer range: 0 to 500 mm. of water column.

Number of manometric tubes: 8.

Orifice plate diameter: 25 mm.

Flowmeter: 2 to 30 l./min.

Venturi dimensions:

 Throat diameter: 20 mm.

 Upstream pipe diameter: 32 mm.

 Downstream taper: 21°.

 Upstream taper: 14°.

Orifice Plate dimensions:

 Upstream pipe diameter: 35 mm.

 Downstream orifice diameter: 19 mm.

Easy and quick coupling system built-in.

Anodized aluminum structure and panel of painted steel.


1.- Filling of the manometric tubes.

2.- Determination of the error in flow measurements using the


3.- Determination of the C factor in the Venturi. d

4.- Determination of the strangulation in the Venturi.

5.- Determination of the error in flow measurements using the orifice


6.- Determination of the C factor in the orifice plate. d

7.- Determination of the effective area in an orifice plate.

8.- Comparison of the energy loss in the three different elements.

9.- Comparison among the Venturi, the orifice plate and the