ArborSonic 3D Acoustic Tomograph


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The ArborSonic 3D Acoustic Tomograph is able to detect the size and location of decayed or hollow regions in the trunk non-destructively. It works based on sound velocity measurements between several sensors around the trunk. The basic measurement principle is that sound velocity drops if there is a hole between two sensors.

Measured time precision± 2 microseconds

SensorLow noise SD02 piezo sensor

Number of sensorsVariable from 8 up to 32

Amplifier box size127 x 58 x 25 mm

Power consumption240 mW

Power supplyStandard (rechargeable) 9V block battery

Continuous operation time Approximately 2 hours

Carrying casePeli Case 1500EU

Total weight 6 kg

PC connectionRS232 over cable or Bluetooth

Data transmission time per sensor tapBelow one sec

Total measurement time of one tree ***20 minutes

Operating temperature range0-40 °C

with one battery

without PC, including case, hammers and 10 sensors

one section, including assembly, geometry registration, tapping and disassembly, using 10 sensors

  1. Drive the transducers through the bark using a rubber hammer with even spacing around the trunk.
  2. Measure the distances between the transducers with a caliper and enter the measured data to the computer.
  3. Tap each transducer with a steel hammer to generate sound waves. ArborSonic 3D measures the travel times with microsecond precision to each transducer and transmits the data to the computer.
  4. The software calculates and displays the internal sound-velocity distribution of the tree.
  5. Measurements taken at various heights can be assembled into a 3D model.

SD02 Piezo transducers

Amplifier boxes

Battery box

Cables to connect amplifier boxes and battery box

Sensor remover tool

Tape measure

Steel hammer for tapping transducers

Rubber hammer for mounting the transducers

Peli case

2pcs. of rechargeable 9 V block batteries

Battery charger

Users manual

ArborSonic 3D Software

Caliper for measuring sensor positions (optional)