Fakopp Bluetooth Caliper


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The Bluetooth Caliper is a tool that is able to quickly measure distance in millimetres between two points and transfer the value to PC via Bluetooth. This speeds up registering the irregular shape of the tree trunk and the position of sensors or electrodes for ArborSonic 3D and for ArborElectro.

Range1100 mm or 1999 mm

Resolution1 mm

Accuracy2 mm

Weight2.3 kg

MaterialCarbon fiber reinforced plastic, aluminium

Dimensions (packed)77 cm x 18 cm x 11 cm

Dimensions (unpacked)155 cm x 95 cm x 6 cm

Connection to PCBluetooth

Display unit with screen, battery and electronics

Measuring arms ending in pins

Extension arms (optional)

Textile case

Charging cable (USB)


Wrench 28

  1. Insert the two arms of the caliper into the slots on the main part.
  2. Calibrate the caliper (see the user manual for more details).
  3. Start the ArborSonic 3D software or application and go to the Geometry page or start the ArborElectro software and go to Sensor Layout tab. To use the caliper, select Irregular shape.
  4. Turn on the caliper and click the Start Bt Caliper or Start button.
  5. Measure the distances between the sensor pairs by following the instructions played through the speakers of the PC. Once all the points are registered, the shape of the trunk is shown on the screen
  6. The caliper turns off automatically after 60 seconds of the last data transmission