Surface Roughness Tester TIME®3200/3202 (TR200)

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TIME®3200/3202 Surface Roughness Tester is a cost-effective roughness measuring equipment which supports more parameters. It is small and light. Quitely suitable for on-site roughness testing.



● Over dozen measurement parameters applicable for roughness test of various mechanical manufacturing processes in production lines, workshops and labs.

● High accuracy inductive pickup

● Easy operation manual and large LCD display with backlight.

● Pickup stylus position indicator.

● Transfer to PC via RS232 with advanced PC Software TIMESurf for more analyzing management.

● Connected with printer to print the data and graphs on-site.

● Storage and review function for up to 15 groups data and graphs.

● Rk data and graphic are available.

● Digital filter: RC, PC-RC, Gauss, D-P

● Optional delicate accessories for more accurate results and easier operation eg. measuring platform, steel support and so on

● Conform to ISO standard, compatible with DIN, ANSI and JIS standard.

● Top quality Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Measuring system : Metric, imperial

Display resolution  : 0.001 μ m

Data output  : RS232

Pickup measuring range   : ±20μ m, ±40μ m, ±80μ m

Cutoff length (L)  : 0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm/Auto

Digital filter  : RC, PC-RC, Gauss, D-P

Max. tracing length  : 17.5mm/0.71inch

Min. tracing length : 1.3mm/0.052inch

Pick-up  : Standard pickup TS100, inductive, diamond stylus radius   5μm, angle of stylus 90°

Accuracy   : ≤±10%

Repeatability  : ≤6%

Power : Li-ion battery rechargeable

Dimensions (mm) : 140×52×48

Weight (g) : 440




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