Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2136

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TIME®2136 advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge features measuring through painted or coated surfaces using a dual element style transducer in echo-echo mode. Its display resolution is precise to 0.001 mm. Automatic probe recognition. This instrument can be used for thickness check of pipelines and pressure vessels, quality control of forging and casting parts, corrosion check of ship walls and bottom, routine maintenance of roads and bridges, etc.



● Measure through coated surfaces and eliminate the thickness of the paint using a dual element style transducer in echo-echo mode

● Identify the standard transducer automatically, or preset the transducer frequency manually

● Transducer TSTU17 and TSTU32 are optional to measure various materials

● Connect to TIME TA230 printer or PC via RS232 interface

● Upper /lower limits pre-setting and sound alarm

● Differential mode shows the difference between the test thickness value and the user-setting thickness range.

● Memory of 500 test data

● Resolution 0.001mm and 0.01mm selectable for your use

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