Manual Cutter UniCut 250 Series


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Section:Metallographic Equipment
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● The base is cast in one piece from nodular cast iron , which is of good stability.

● All electronic components are Schneider Electric, safe and reliable.

● 304 corrosion-free stainless steel T-slot clamping table, 304 corrosion free stainless steel quick holder with double parallel vise. Easy to clamp various irregular shaped specimens.

● 304 stainless steel quick holder, corrosion-free, long life.

● Huge totally closed cutting chamber, easy to use.

● ABB Electric engine, electronic Brake,main arbor continuously variable are optional.

● Apply to cutting ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, thermal treatment workpieces, forge piece, rock, semi-conductor, ceramic, etc. The facility is equipped with kinds of specimen holders, which can cut irregular shaped workpieces, it is ideal for industries and science institutions applications.

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