Automatic Grinder Polisher GP-1A/2A


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● Multi-usage. Metallographic sample coarse grinding, final grinding, coarse polishing & final polishing, it is ideal for metallographic laboratory as well as for industrial or production applications.

● Variable speed. Grinder polisher special frequency control of motor speed system, Three level of speed and the time can be preset, stop automatically.

● Individual force loading, no need to make virtual sample.

● Cast aluminum base, good stability.

● FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics) cover, high strength and rust-proof.



Motor Voltage : 550W

Operation Mode : Full-Auto

Rotating Speed(rpm) : 50-200

Sample Diameter(mm ) : Φ30x6 pieces,Others can be customized

Pressurization : Pneumatic

Motor power : 90W

Power : 220V5A

Cooling water/water tank : Must

Gas Source : Must



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