Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TIME®1150


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● 5.7 inch, VGA color TFT display and LEMO/BNC probe connector.

● Wide measurement range from 1-10000 mm.

● Precise and stable horizontal and vertical linearity with horizontal linearity 0.1% and vertical linearity 2%.

● DAC、AVG 、DGS curves and defect echo help to evaluate defect equivalent calculation.

● Simultaneous display of high resolution A-scan and B-scan waveform.

● Four ways to present waveform: positive half-wave, negative half- wave, full wave and radio frequency.

● Automatic gain adjustment, defect equivalent calculation and peak memory function.

● Two individual gates setting and alarming function.

● Gate measurement includes echo amplitude, beam path, depth, projection and so on.

● Waveform freeze available:in full ,peak, comparative and envelope ways.

● 50 detecting channels are available with separate detecting parameters and DAC (Distance Amplitude Correction) curves in every channel.

● Adjustable high performance square wave pulse generator

● Three detecting modes(single-probe, dual crystal probe and transmission) with automatic calibration function.

● Connected to PC via USB interface with advanced software for data analysis and management.

● Super large memory, 1000 waveform and 4X2000 frame dynamic waveform diagrams can be stored, with the function of storage, checkout and review of channel, waveform, dynamic records.

● Flaw detection report printable.

Operating temperature : -10℃~+50℃

Storage temperature : -20℃~+60℃

Language : English/Chinese/Spanish selectable

Probe socket : LEMO or BNC

Battery (mAh) : 2x3.7V 5000mAh

Battery working time : 8h

Charging time (h) : 8h

Power adapter Input : 100-240~50/60Hz

Output : 9V DC/3A~4A

LCD : Color transmission TFT, 640x480

Dimension (mm) : 177X255X51

Weight (g) : 1200



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