Rebar Locator TC100/110

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Brief Introduction

TC100/110 is used to detect the thickness of concrete covering layer and rebar diameter. Besides, it can detect the location of magnetic substance and electric and electric conductor in non-magnetic and non-conductive medium, e.g. cable inside wall body and water & heating pipe etc. it is a kind of intelligent nondestructive test equipment possessing the functions of automatic detection, data memory and output.



● Acceptance inspection of cover after formwork is removed

● Locate rebars to avoid them when drilling holes

● Provide essential data (location, cover, diameter of rebars) for strength calculations of reinforced concrete structures

● Measuring concrete cover thickness

● Quality assurance in mass production of fabricated concrete elements

● Measuring the thickness of concrete over steel reinforcement and metal pipes

● Signal strength bar display and sound alarm for high accuracy

● Real time graphic output both to screen and printer

● Data processing software compatible with windows 95/98/2000/Me/WT/XP

● Auto calibration, correct the system error

● Three scan modes for TC110:grid pattern, profile scan and large area scan

● For TC110: direct display grid and profile image of rebars

Rebar diameter measuring range : Ø6mm- Ø50mm

Display : Large graphic display with backlight

Operating temperature : -10℃~40℃

Relative humidity : 90%

Dimension (mm) : 210 x 153 x 90

Weight (g) : 880



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