Crack Depth Gauge TC200

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Brief Introduction

TC200 is used to measure concrete crack depth by applying principle of acoustic diffraction. It also can be used to measure propagation velocity of ultrasonic wave in concrete. This instrument is a kind of intelligent nondestructive test equipment possessing the functions of automatic detection, data memory and output.



● Entire English display, clear and easy to use

● Direct digital read out of the crack depth

● Use special bracket to ensure the accuracy of two testing points

● A data base is set up to store and manage completed test data for analysis reporting

● RS232 interface to PC

Testing range : 4mm~500mm

Memory : 25000 test data

Power : AA batteries (LR6) x 6

Display : Large graphic display

Operating temperature : -10℃~40℃

Humidity : 90%

Dimension (mm) : 210x153x90

Weight (g) : 880



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