Color Difference Meter TCD100

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Brief Introduction

TCD100 is a light-sensitive instrument mainly used in colorimetry for measuring and psychophysical analyse the color of an object or color sample. This portable colorimeter is easy to use and can be carried anywhere, irrespective of environmental conditions.



● Easy and direct operation with the simple unction keys.

● Display directly color difference by △E*ab, △L*a*b,CIE_L*a*b, CIE_L*c*h.

● Silicon photodiode as light sensors for analyzing the absorption spectra.

● Standard deviation within △E*ab0.2 (test condition: choose average values by 12 pcs white tabula).

● Possibility of measuring any color of smooth surface.

● LED illumination available.

● Communication with PC the practical software.

Measuring time : About 2 seconds

Measuring interval : About 2 seconds

Measuring aperture : Ф8mm

Automatic shutdown : Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes waiting

Memory : Keep a group of data automaticly (Without connecting to PC)

Field of view : 10°regulated by CIE

Light source : D65 light source

Sensor : Correct silicon photodiode (seed array)

Screen type : LCD with backlight

Power : 1.5V AA batteries×2, DC/5V (1.5A)

Operating environment : 0℃~+40℃;lower than 85% relative humidity 

Size : 170mm×50mm×48.8mm

Weight : 204g ( without batteies)



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