Double Number Display Spring Tension Tester TLS-S(1~50)III


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TLS-S (1 ~ 50) III double-digit tension spring tester adopts integrated circuit and microcomputer technology to carry out electronic detection and digital display of displacement and test force parameters and print the test results. The application of test force is manual , the machine has features such as peak hold, overload protection, displacement and test point zero clearing, stiffness calculation, data query and so on, so it is applicable to various precision tensile and compression coil spring tests and to brittle materials The strength test. Compared to TLS-S1, S2, S5, S10, and S20, which are mainly different in loading mode, TLS-S is loaded by the handle and can be fine-tuned after being locked. TLSI is loaded by hand wheels and has two speeds: speed and speed.

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