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This device for used in weighing scale , from load cell (platform, floor , truck scale) to Indicator without cable connection. Applied to weighing scale which need long distance  for display indicator or difficulty install the cable connection so need used the transmitter wireless.


  • Accuracy 1/10,000 for any indicator   Load cell 1 to 12 load cells 350Ω
  • Frequency bands 433MH z   
  • Power consumption 270 hours under weighing mode for one load cell 350Ω, 29 months under sleeping mode( battery should be recharged every 5 months)
  • Range 100 meters
  • Working temperature-10 ˚C to +60 ˚C
  • Transmitter: Excitation 3.3v, Input <12.9 mv,  Power 4 - 6VDC
  • Receiver:  Excitation 5-15V,  Output    3mV/V
  • Load cell and Indicator wiring connection

    1    +Excitation        

    2    +Signal                

    3    -Signal          

    4    -Excitation    

    5     Shield    

  • Enclosure:  Aluminum 110 x 76 x 30mm
  • Turn on/off: Remote On/Off through weighing indicator.
  • Power supply: AC/DC Rechargeable battery.



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