Indikator Timbangan A9+p

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Weighing Indicator XK3190-A9+p adopts high precision Σ-Δ A/D conversion Technology, with built-in printer.

Widely applied in electronic Truck scale. floor scale, bench scale and static weighing system.

  • A/D conversion method: Σ - Δ
  • Input signal range: -16mV to 18mV
  • A/D conversion code: 1 million code
  • A/D conversion speed : 10 times/sec.
  • Load cell excitation: DC 5V
  • Max.connection number of load cell: 8 at 350 ohm / 16 at 700ohm
  • Load cell connection mode: 6 wire, auto compensation for long distance
  • Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
  • Display: 7 bits 0.8 inch LED,3 level battery indications
  • Display range: -99990 ~ 99990 (d=10)
  • Clock: Real clock without effect when power off



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